What You Will Learn When Training with Elite Bartending Course in Miami

What You Will Learn When Training with Elite Bartending Course in Miami

Students of Elite Bartending School will undergo a 40 hour bartending course in Miami at the Elite facilities. With six bars and eight wells, each student will have plenty of class time to hone in on their new skills. The staff for the Miami bartending course are trained professionals in the bartending business and can help you bolster your bartending career. During the first three courses of the program, basic introductions to the bar will take place along with getting familiar with the staff. You will learn the mixology behind a few well-known beverages like margaritas, mojitos, and Long Islands as well as bar terminology and culture. This includes the process of IDing patrons and identifying fake IDs as well as pouring shots, handling cash, and bartending rules and regulations.

The Second Three Lessons

Lessons 4, 5, and 6 will consist of working with martinis, wine, champagne, frozen drinks, and learning about different types of beer. There will be a review of the material covered in the first three lessons as well as a practice practical exam. Students have a lot of material to learn in a short amount of time, but Elite’s bartending course in Miami takes precaution to make sure that, between making the Manhattans and Rob Roys, the students understand and retain what they learn while they attend the course.

The Last Lessons

The final three lessons consist of more mixology as well as customer service focus with point of sales systems. The last three lessons that students attend will be largely review, ensuring that they are prepared for the final examination to become and Elite bartender. Graduates of Elite’s bartending course in Miami will exit the program with the knowledge necessary to excel in the world of bartending, and the program’s flexible schedule makes the course accessible to all prospective students, regardless of your current schedule.

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