Unique Bartending School – Learn to Bartend in Miami

Unique Bartending School – Learn to Bartend in Miami

Miami has a vibrant party scene that lives in clubs and bars. A talented bartender becomes a vital part of the bargoing experience and is a huge part of what makes a place great. See for yourself how to offer excellent drinks and service with our certification program. Elite Bartending School is located in the South Beach of Miami on Lincoln road, making it a perfect place to learn how to tend bar in the bustle of big nightclubs.

Get Started in a Thriving Downtown Location

While you’re living in Miami, learn to bartend and make a place for yourself in the heart of the city. Elite has connections all over the city, and has a large practice space that can fit plenty of students practicing mixology and learning the best way to serve a drink. We also have a bartending forum that is accessible only to our faculty, students, graduates and employers which makes it a great place to share information and techniques. Employers are able to see each member’s resume, test scores and contact information, making it another avenue for job opportunities. When you learn to bartend in Miami, the city’s bar scene becomes part of your campus. Make the most of that campus by choosing Elite as your home base and center of education.

Use Elite’s Resources to Start Your Career

Elite has consistent job leads for its graduates through industry connections. This employment assistance connects alumni to job opportunities at festivals and events that require staff at the bar area. Just schedule an appointment with our job counselor to take advantage of this service provided for Elite students and graduates. Graduates from the Elite Bartending School are allowed to return to our facility for refreshers on any of our lessons and practice at our bar. Elite is accredited and state licensed, making your certificate of graduation more valuable because of the standards we uphold. Contact Elite Bartending School today at (305) 460-8070 and learn to bartend in Miami. You can also fill out the online form and we will call you directly.