More Than Mixing: How to Become a Flair Bartender in Miami

More Than Mixing: How to Become a Flair Bartender in Miami

When it comes to wowing customers and earning tips behind the bar, flair bartending is the way to go. If you are looking for flair bartender training in Miami, look no further than Elite Bartending School. In a professional setting with a hands-on approach to training, Elite has a range of course options to develop your bartending skills from the basics to flair mixology.

What is Flair Bartending?

For a lot of people, flair bartending is what draws them into the profession in the first place. It is the art and practice of entertaining customers and clientele while serving them drinks. This involves tossing, spinning, and manipulating liquor bottles and bar equipment in surprising ways. Advanced flair can even require the skills of juggling or close-up magic tricks.

What Flair Courses does Elite Offer?

Flair bartender training in Miami is included in all Elite Bartending School courses. These parts of the course are instructed by professionals who have been working for several years with flair. They know the best techniques for teaching you the tricks and also provide tips for becoming more successful in the art. Flair bartending is one the favorite parts of Elite’s bartending courses for many students.

How Can I Continue to Practice?

After finishing your Miami flair bartender training with Elite, you can still come back as an alumnus to take refresher and advanced courses at reduced costs. This allows you to continue your training and build your skills in flair as you gain practice in a professional working environment. Learn what tricks your customers tend to like and then come back to find ways to make those tricks even more impressive.

If you are interested in learning more about flair bartender training in Miami, contact Elite Bartending School today at (305) 460-8070 or fill out our convenient online form. Flexible course options mean that you can begin to learn the art of flair no matter what your schedule is.