Miami Bartender School: Advantages to Attending a Bartending School in a Nightclub

Miami Bartender School: Advantages to Attending a Bartending School in a Nightclub

Elite Bartending School is the top bartending school in Miami, Florida. One of the main reasons for this is that the classroom for this Miami bartender school is set in Mr. Jones Nightclub, which was formerly known as SET nightclub. This nightclub is 8000 square feet and has been newly renovated to become a classroom equipped for students.

Learning Behind a Real Bar

There is no better place to learn bartending than behind a real bar. That is why Elite Bartending School teaches you right in an actual nightclub, behind a bar, just like you could be doing as a bartender. The nightclub has been equipped with state-of-the-art bars to create a realistic learning environment. It includes three bars and eight wells, so there is plenty of space for several students to practice at the same time at this Miami bartender school.

Hands-on Instruction

When it comes to any job, hands-on instruction can be one of the best ways to learn. At Elite, the majority of the training is done behind the bar. This allows students to learn what bartending is really like and can help prepare them for working in the real world. Simulating the true environment that a bartender is working in can give students an edge when it comes to working in a fast-paced nightclub after graduation.

Relevant Teaching

Class sizes are limited at this Miami bartender school, so students can receive a personalized approach along with some one-on-one training. You may be taught by instructors who currently work as bartenders in well-known bars, so you can feel confident that they know the industry. Students can learn how to multitask behind the bar, practicing making multiple drinks at a time while entering them into a computer system.

Learning how to bartend in a fully operational nightclub is one of many fantastic perks you could receive when you attend Elite Bartending School. Hands-on training can make learning your new skills fun and easy. You can learn current trends from experienced bartenders who still work in the industry and know first-hand what bartending today is all about. Call or stop in to Elite Bartending School today to see why we are considered top top Miami bartender school. Call us at (305) 460-8070 OR fill out the online form.